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Partnership Valiant TMS and Realtime Robotics

by Pieter Werner

Realtime Robotics, a company specializing in collision-free autonomous motion planning for industrial robots, has entered into a partnership with Valiant TMS, an Industry 4.0 system integrator. The collaboration aims to implement Realtime Robotics’ Optimization-as-a-Service solution in enhancing the efficiency of customers’ manufacturing operations.

With its experience in the manufacturing sector, Valiant TMS is utilizing Realtime Robotics’ proprietary optimization software, which is engineered to improve the productivity of automation operations. The solution offered by Realtime Robotics is designed to rapidly generate and evaluate numerous potential robot paths, selecting the most effective motion sequences based on various parameters including target sequences and robot reach.

A recent application involving multiple robots demonstrated the impact of this partnership. Valiant TMS implemented Realtime Robotics’ solution to develop motion plans that resulted in more efficient motion paths and improved interlocks, leading to a 17% reduction in a customer’s robot cycle time and a halving of robot programming time.

Michael Schaubmayr, Group Manager Mechanical Engineering Simulation at Valiant TMS, commented on the collaboration, noting the significant reduction in cycle time compared to manual programming.

The optimization process begins with a simulation file or digital twin of the cell requiring enhancement. This process is designed to be undertaken without disrupting current production activities. After the analysis and validation, the optimized plan is transferred to the factory floor for immediate implementation.

Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics, remarked on the significance of the solution in assisting manufacturers to improve production processes efficiently, emphasizing the automated nature of generating and testing potential layouts and paths.

Pawel Kukowa, a Simulation Engineer at Valiant TMS, expressed his positive view of the results provided by Realtime Robotics, highlighting the potential of the software in the market for robot path creation.

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