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Plotline raises $2.6m for AI app development

by Pieter Werner

Plotline, a startup founded by Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari in 2022, has secured $2.6 million from Elevation Capital to help companies improve user adoption and loyalty in the competitive super app landscape. The escalating costs of customer acquisition are driving consumer companies to enhance their apps by creating super apps, aiming to provide users with multiple services in one platform. With predictions that half of the global population will use super apps by 2050, competition to engage users is becoming fiercer.

Jindal and Tadimari, who previously worked at HyperVerge, initially focused on providing product teams with real-time app feedback. They quickly realized that many apps were underutilized because most users were unaware of the full range of available features. This insight led to Plotline’s mission of enabling consumer app companies to make their apps dynamic and tailored to individual user behavior. The platform analyzes billions of data points to deliver personalized user experiences that increase engagement.

Jindal explained that apps today are integrating far more functions than a few years ago, creating challenges in how users navigate and discover new features. He emphasized that dynamic apps can profoundly benefit both companies and end users as apps shift from single-purpose tools to comprehensive super apps.

Plotline’s no-code platform empowers consumer brands to run user experimentation with in-app widgets, enhance feature adoption with nudges, and deepen engagement through gamification. By incorporating large language models (LLMs), the platform continuously evolves, helping marketers deliver content that resonates. This approach differentiates Plotline from traditional customer engagement tools like push notifications and emails, which often fall short in influencing users directly within the app.

Based in San Francisco and Bengaluru, Plotline has already made significant strides, supporting 50 consumer app teams, including Dream11, Khatabook, BharatPe, CoinDCX, and others. Their platform has reached over 150 million users and improved client implementation speeds by up to tenfold.

Minal, VP of Growth at CoinDCX, praised the platform for facilitating effortless widget creation, which has driven app adoption and reduced the burden on internal teams. Carter Hansen, Head of Marketing at Step, shared similar feedback, highlighting that Plotline’s platform increased onboarding and product adoption while reducing the internal workload.

With its new funding, Plotline plans to expand operations across R&D, marketing, and sales, aiming to strengthen its presence in the U.S., Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. Poorvi Vijay, Vice President at Elevation Capital, expressed support for Plotline’s vision, emphasizing how the startup enables growth marketers to launch personalized campaigns that redefine user engagement.

Jindal remains optimistic about the company’s future, noting that as apps become increasingly multifunctional, the role of app adoption platforms will grow in significance. He believes Plotline is well-positioned to guide companies and users through the evolving digital landscape.