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PSS, AMS and Fizyr Bring AI Into the Pallet Market

by Pieter Werner

Fizyr, specializing in advanced vision AI for robotic systems, has collaborated with Pallet Sorting Systems (PSS) and Automated Machine Systems (AMS) to unveil AI4PALLETS to enhance the precision and efficiency of pallet identification and sorting by integrating Fizyr’s vision AI technology.

AI4PALLETS, which has undergone extensive on-site testing over recent months, offers automatically scanning, recognizing, and sorting 150 types of 1200 x 1000 mm (48 x 40 inch) pallets. This capability was developed in partnership with a key customer, allowing for the sorting of these pallets into 40 different groups based on specific attributes and variables, as stated by PSS Owner Roel de Vries.

The partnership between Fizyr, PSS, and AMS represents a significant advancement in the automation of logistics and supply chain tasks. PSS and AMS are now marketing AI4PALLETS across Europe and North America, respectively. The machine offers customization options to meet diverse customer needs, including various pallet sizes and sorting strategies.

Fizyr’s vision AI technology, a core component of AI4PALLETS, utilizes cascade learning as part of its supervised machine learning approach. CEO Ken Fleming of Fizyr noted that their technology surpasses other robotic vision solutions, offering scalability, reliability, and ease of use for system and robotics integrators at competitive price points.

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