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Pudu Shows Smart Cleaning Robot at ISSA

by Pieter Werner

At the upcoming ISSA Show North America in Las Vegas, Pudu Robotics is set to showcase its cleaning robot, the PUDU CC1, from November 13-16. This event is a gathering point for the newest products and services in the cleaning industry, drawing a crowd from various sectors such as distribution, building services, and residential cleaning.

In light of economic challenges and workforce shortages, the cleaning industry has been increasingly turning to robots to streamline operations. The PUDU CC1 is one such response, designed to address the demand for efficient cleaning in commercial environments like offices, retail spaces, hotels, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The PUDU CC1, which combines sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming, and dust mopping, has been awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2023 for its innovative design and functionality. It features a built-in roller brush, squeegee, and a removable dust vacuum, adapting to different surfaces such as hard floors and carpets.

The device is programmed to operate after business hours, providing property managers with after-action reports, thus simplifying daily management tasks. It boasts the capability to clean up to 12,000 square meters in a single day, offering significant time and labor savings with automation features like automatic water filling, drainage, recharging, and a function to resume cleaning from where it left off.

Employing IoT technology, the PUDU CC1 navigates multi-level buildings using elevators and can integrate with access control systems for seamless movement through facilities. It is designed to respond to traffic patterns within a space, cleaning as necessary which can reduce wear and tear, and the consumption of water and cleaning agents.

With sustainability in focus, the PUDU CC1 claims to reduce freshwater use by up to 85% compared to traditional methods and is constructed from recyclable materials. It uses LFP batteries, which are noted for their longevity of up to 2,000 cycles.

The robot is also designed to take over repetitive cleaning tasks, potentially reducing costs associated with hiring and training. Its user-friendly interface is cited as requiring minimal training for operation. Pudu Robotics will demonstrate the PUDU CC1 at Booth #869 in the Bayside Exhibit Hall of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

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