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Research: Growing adoption of robotic lawn mowers

by Pieter Werner

The United States electric lawn mowers market shipment is expected to reach 3,196.32 thousand units by 2027, according to the report “U.S. Electric Lawn Mowers Market – Comprehensive Study and Strategic Assessment 2022-2027” by ResearchAndMarkets.com.

This leads to a growing Adoption of Robotic Lawn Mowers. Rapid technological advancements in recent years have led to the emergence of new technologies for garden care equipment. These technologies help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of lawn care machines. Equipment with sensors such as obstacle detection, weather sensing, and anti-theft system promote convenience, thereby propelling the demand for these lawn mowers among the population.

The robotic lawn mowers are inbuild with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular circuitry that allow users to operate the mowers remotely through smartphones. Hence, integrating smartphone equipment allows users to locate the equipment through smart devices easily.

The US accounts for a revenue share of nearly 82% in the North American electric lawn mowers market. The country is one of the largest markets for electric lawn mowers demand worldwide and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.62% (by revenue) during the forecast period. The growth is attributed to the increasing government initiatives to develop smart cities to boost sustainability and achieve operational efficiency. The smart city initiatives are driving the consumers’ adoption of smart products, which is projected to boost demand for robotic lawn mowers.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that gasoline lawn mowers are a major contributor to nonroad air pollution. In the US alone, nearly 17 million gallons of fuel are dumped onto the field yearly during lawn and garden refueling. As a result, the government across the country is increasingly emphasizing reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, encouraging the adoption of electric equipment in the market. Moreover, in October 2021, the Government of California signed a bill into law to ban gasoline-powered garden equipment, including leaf blowers and garden mowers, by 2024. Hence, such initiatives are boosting the electric lawn mower demand across the country.

Technological advancements focused on improving run times and power are expected to level the performance of battery-powered products to compete with conventional engine-powered models in commercial markets.

The fact that corded mowers limit mobility due to cord length and safety hazards such as electric shock while mowing wet grass and the possibility of losing control has been a challenge in the growth of corded lawn mowers. However, vendors are incorporating features that automatically switch off these mowers the minute an operator loses control of the mower, thereby addressing concerns in the market.

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