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Robot Digitizes Building Sites

Dusty Launches Robot for BIM-to-Field Automated Workflow

by Marco van der Hoeven

Dusty Robotics has launched the FieldPrint Platform, a solution integrating BIM (Building Information Modeling) into field operations, designed to synchronize construction activities. This platform aims to mitigate construction risks by ensuring uniformity in the information utilized by contractors. The FieldPrint Platform enhances the BIM-to-field workflow, supporting the entire process from design to installation.

The platform is an advancement from the company’s first-generation FieldPrinter, which has been used in layouts over 91 million square feet. The new FieldPrint Platform, drawing from Dusty Robotics’ experience in the field, is developed to provide a more efficient and cohesive experience for tradespeople involved in construction projects.

The FieldPrint Platform includes a second-generation layout robot, the FieldPrinter 2, and a suite of software and hardware designed to assist General Contractors (GCs) and trades in accurately transferring BIM models onto construction sites.

Sensor suite

Tessa Lau, CEO and co-founder of Dusty Robotics, commented on the role of data in construction processes, noting the platform’s capability to facilitate the flow of data from design to the field. The FieldPrint Platform combines software and hardware, aiming to enhance precision, communication, and efficiency in construction projects.

The FieldPrint Platform is composed of the FieldPrinter 2, a robot with upgraded features for on-site performance. The robot is designed to navigate through tight spaces and maneuver around obstacles. It also includes capabilities for printing up to edges and behind columns, providing comprehensive coverage in various layouts. Additionally, the platform has a sensor suite for real-time detection of potential printing impediments and features for curve printing.

Robot-ready drawings

Accompanying the hardware, Dusty Robotics has developed a Revit Plugin, aiming to reduce errors and streamline workflows in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). This plugin is designed to automate steps in preparing robot-ready drawings, extracting information from the coordinated BIM model.

The FieldPrint Platform also includes the Dusty Portal, a tool to facilitate multi-trade layout. This portal allows all trades to align their digital files, ensuring they operate from the latest versions and share a consistent coordinate system. It also provides access to productivity reports, aiding in project tracking and performance evaluation.

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