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Robot Serves Food at Berlin Airport

by Marco van der Hoeven

Circus Group has signed a preliminary agreement with Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg to deploy its autonomous food production robot, Circus Autonomy One (CA-1), at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) beginning in 2025. This initiative is intended to serve airport employees and is positioned as a foundation for a potentially larger partnership.

Circus Group, listed on Xetra under the symbol CA1, is an AI robotics company producing autonomous kitchen systems. The CA-1 robot, designed to prepare up to 2,000 meals daily within a 20-square-meter spaceuses AI and robotics to deliver catering solutions. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg , which operates the BER Airport, Germany’s third-largest airport, will integrate the CA-1 robot to supplement the daily catering for its employees while maintaining regular operations.

Nikolas Bullwinkel, CEO of Circus Group, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership, highlighting that the deployment of CA-1 at a major airport like BER is a crucial step in demonstrating the capabilities of their technology in high-traffic environments. Bullwinkel stated that the collaboration aims to enhance operational efficiency and deliver high-quality, hygienic meals, potentially transforming food service in airports globally.

Circus Group, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, employs experts in AI, robotics engineering, and food service across four locations.

Images: credit Günter Wicker and Annika Bauer/Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

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