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Robots at Canton Fair

by Pieter Werner

The 135th China Import and Export Fair, known as the Canton Fair, has kicked off in Guangzhou, China, and will continue until May 5, 2024. This year, the Fair will feature a significant emphasis on robotics, showcasing various robots with new technologies and designs across multiple industries. A growing number of Chinese companies enter the global robotics market.

Among the products showcased is the Window Cleaner Robot T10 by One Click (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. This robot is designed for large windows and incorporates features such as cross-spraying technology and intelligent path planning, boasting a cleaning efficiency of 99.2%. It is equipped with a 120ml water tank, allowing coverage of up to 60 square meters per fill. Additional features include smart power-off protection, multilingual voice prompts, and remote control via an app or remote controller.

ECOVACS Robotics will present its latest cleaning robot. This robot incorporates the company’s TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping Technology, designed to achieve full coverage of edges and corners. The technology includes a stepless suspended wipe disk that utilizes a combination of LIDAR, 3D structure lighting, and edge sensors to navigate and clean complex surfaces.

Shanxi JiaShiDa Robot Technology will feature a window cleaning robot with a storage box and a circular structure at the Canton Fair. This product has undergone extensive testing to evaluate its cleaning effectiveness, efficiency, intelligence, and safety. The robot is distinguished by its comprehensive protection features and high-speed operation.

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