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Second Meeting of the Leiden AI Community

May 23, Rapenburg 8, leiden

by Marco van der Hoeven

Following the successful launch on April 18, the Leiden AI Community will hold its second meeting on May 23. The community aims to exchange knowledge and experience about AI, bringing together academia and industry in this university city.

Our keynote speaker will be Peter van der Putten, Assistant professor Leiden University & Director AI Lab, Pegasystems. The title of his presentation is From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial X:

We are not just intelligent creatures, but also verbal, emotional, creative, curious, moral and religious creatures. What can we learn about ourselves by looking at this through an artificial lens – from artificial intelligence to artificial anything that makes us human? In this talk I will discuss a wide range of research projects that broadly fit with this team, and also share more about AI research & education at Leiden University.

The Leiden AI Community was founded by Surajeet Bhuinya, entrepreneur and founder of AI company Jellyfish Labs, and Marco van der Hoeven, editor-in-chief of the independent news platform Rocking Robots. Their mission is to create a dynamic local AI ecosystem that includes researchers, entrepreneurs, providers, and users of AI.

The platform offers AI professionals a chance to exchange ideas, inspire each other, and explore new possibilities in both AI research and applications. Emphasis is placed on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration for the development of AI technology.

The meeting on May 23 will once again take place at the historic Rapenburg, highlighting the connection between Leiden’s rich history and the latest technological innovations. A diverse group of AI experts, ranging from academics to business innovators, will be present.

We invite all interested parties to participate in this inspiring meeting and become part of the growing AI community in Leiden.

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