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SoftBank Robotics America and Gausium partner on robots

by Pieter Werner

SoftBank Robotics America and Gausium, provider of autonomous cleaning and service robots, announced a partnership to deploy indoor automated robotic solutions to the U.S. market. X1 and the Scrubber 50 Pro (S50) are the first two solutions being deployed to support companies struggling with labor shortages.

These collaborative robots work alongside employees to alleviate menial and repetitive tasks so employees can focus on higher-value responsibilities, resulting in a boost in efficiency, improved employee and customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and reduced employee turnover.

X1, an autonomous food service solution for the hospitality industry, is equipped with three serving trays that can hold up to 30 kilograms. Its collision-free and spill-proof technology allows X1 to run food and beverages to several tables at a time, charting the most efficient path to tables or back to the kitchen while navigating customers, employees, furniture, and other robots.

The robot’s advanced shock mitigation mechanisms ensure a smooth and stable delivery experience of drinks or liquid dishes. In addition to assisting with food running, X1 also helps servers more efficiently bus tables so they can spend more time with customers and turn over tables quicker.

The partnership has successfully deployed its first fleet of X1’s to The Hall On The Yard, a unique 12,250-square-foot full-service food hall featuring nine restaurants in Orlando, Florida.

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