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Sony to make sensors for autonomous vehicles

by Marco van der Hoeven

Sony Group will develop sensors for autonomous vehicles that use 70% less electricity, helpingĀ to reduce autonomous systems’ use of power and extendĀ the range of electric vehicles, reports Nikkei Asia.

The sensor will be paired with new software to cut the amount of power used by EV onboard systems. The companies hope to achieve Level 4 technology, allowing cars to drive themselves under certain conditions, by 2030. Electric vehicles will make up 59% of new car sales globally in 2035, the Boston Consulting Group predicts. Over 30% of trips 5 km and longer are expected to be made in self-driving cars, which rely on large numbers of sensors and cameras and transmit massive amounts of data.

Sony plans to lower the amount of electricity needed in self-driving systems through edge computing, processing as much data as possible through AI-equipped sensors and software on the vehicles themselves instead of transmitting it to external networks. This approach is expected to shrink communication lags as well, making the vehicles safer. Sony will also incorporate image recognition and radar technologies into the new sensor, drawing on various types of data to facilitate self-driving even in rain and other difficult conditions.

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