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Spot 3.2: from data collection to data insights

by Pieter Werner

Spot Release 3.2 features built-in data processing and review, improved data collection pipeline, and a better operator experience. As modern organizations use data to drive their business’ decision-making this data can come from a wide variety of sources. Spot moves from asset to asset across a facility to get real-time information on equipment including pumps, motors, compressors, and more, so plant managers can improve uptime while decreasing costs of downtime and maintenance.

Spot Release 3.2 is specifically aimed at enterprise asset management. The new release adds built-in data processing and review, improvements to the data collection pipeline, and a better operator experience. In addition to offering tie-ins to third party data processors, Boston Dynamics now offers out-of-the-box processing capabilities for thermal inspections, as well as data plugins through our Scout API.

With the Spot CAM+IR, Spot users can perform detailed thermal inspections during routine autonomous missions. New thermal inspection capabilities allow operators to get more data on the health of their assets, see results and trigger alerts when assets go out of bounds, and see data trendlines on Scout. New tablet controls allow users to set minimum or maximum temperatures on regions of interest, triggering an alarm through Scout if breached. Users can also adjust span and level and adjust the colormap of thermal images.

Thermal data and trends are then easy to review and manage in Scout and users can select email or mobile alerts when equipment goes out of set bounds. These new data processing features will be key to enabling users’ asset maintenance programs. In addition to providing thermal data processing in Scout, for the first time BD is releasing a Scout API which allows customers, developers, and integration partners to access data from any Autowalk mission or manual operation session run through Scout. This new API provides methods for querying the data collected by a site’s Spot fleet over time.


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