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Start-ups from all over the world will raise eur30 million in Odense, Europe’s robotics capital

by Pieter Werner

The hit rate is high when capital-hungry start-ups and risk-taking investors meet up at Odense Investor Summit in Europe’s fastest growing robotics environment. Based on the success of previous summits, more than half of attending start-ups will succeed in finding investor capital at the matchmaking event. This year 15 technology companies will present their automation inventions in front of 300 investors.

Investors are increasingly interested in finding golden eggs in the robotics start-up scene, as automation and robotics technology are making headway in more and more industries. A record number of robotics investors are waiting to participate at the Odense Investor Summit on 24 March 2022, which will be held in Denmark at the same time as the robotics trade fare R-22.

Odense Municipality is the organiser of Odense Investor Summit and has worked for years to make Odense the world’s best robotics city. Children as young as three years old are experimenting with robot technology in the city with the international robotics environment, which attracts start-ups, investors, and robotics talent from all over the world.

Odense Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel: “In Odense, the key elements to a thriving robotics industry are united: economy, expertise, capacity. Investors in the fields of automation and robotics come here to access the most promising investment opportunities and to learn about the latest trends in the market, incited not least by the event of Odense Investor Summit. Visitors are impressed by the way in which members of our local ecosystem seek out coopetition and knowhow from one another.”

The summit will also have panel discussions, and keynote speakers, including Greg Smith, President for Industrial Automation Group and President of Teradyne: “With the acquisition of Universal Robots in 2015, we saw the potential of Odense in the field of robotics. In 2018, we acquired Mobile Industrial Robots and reaffirmed our commitment to Odense as an important center for research into robotics. Since 2015, we have been a constant in Odense’s ecosystem and we have been excited to witness the growth of the robotics community, which is constantly proving its capability to commercialize technology.”

This is the 8th Odense Investor Summit. Investors have pledged more than EUR 860 million to robotics start-ups in Odense.

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