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Surging demand for robots during the Covid-crisis

by Marco van der Hoeven

The pandemic has caused a renewed interest in robotics according to HowToRobot.com. Two suppliers on the platform, Gibotech and OnRobot, have felt the increasing demand from customers.

The lockdown has sparked a new interest in robots. While many people are forced to work from home, businesses are now investigating how automation and robots can keep operations going – even in times of crisis. Over the past three months, HowToRobot.com reported a 400 percent increase in robot buyers asking suppliers for robot solutions on the digital platform.

“There is an incredible urgency within the industry to automate essential tasks – and the Covid-situation has only accelerated this,” says CEO of HowToRobot.com, Søren Peters. Gibotech, a Danish-based robot integrator, has alone received 11 requests for robot solutions via HowToRobot.com in less than two months.


“We can feel the increasing demand from customers through HowToRobot. They are interested in knowing how robots can solve their problems and who can help them with the best solution,” says Henrik Anker, CEO of Gibotech. The current restrictions due to Covid-19 have made it near impossible to attend industry fairs to find new robots and companies to supply them.

During this lockdown period, robot buyers and sellers have found new ways of doing business together through digital platforms and marketplaces. OnRobot, for example, is already investing in expanding its market share by having a global digital presence on HowToRobot.com. This ensures that customers looking for robot grippers will have a better chance of finding OnRobot or one of its partners via the platform.”

Physical meetings

“More and more robot customers are looking for new ways to connecting with us when it is not possible to meet in person. It shows that having a strong digital presence on the right platforms is an important supplement to physical meetings,” says Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot. The world’s first digital robot hub, founded in 2020. The platform helps businesses plan and execute automation projects successfully – and connect them with the right suppliers.

More than 12.500 robot and automation suppliers globally are featured on #HowToRobot. Robot suppliers, manufacturers, and integrators can join the platform for free and get their business on the global robot map.

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