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Turkish Navy launches drone-capable carrier

by Marco van der Hoeven

The Turkish Navy has launched its latest amphibious assault ship, the TCG Anadolu, which boasts the ability to carry light aircraft and military drones. At 231 metres long and 32 metres wide, the ship can accommodate combat helicopters and military drones, as well as up to 94 vehicles, including 13 tanks.

According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the new vessel will allow Turkey to “carry out military and humanitarian operations in the four corners of the world if necessary”. Erdogan has also stated that the ship will enable Turkish Bayraktar TB3 and Kizilelma drones and the light Hurjet fighters to take off from and land on it.

The TCG Anadolu is seen as a symbol that will reinforce Turkey’s position as a leader in its region and a voice in the world, according to Erdogan. Turkey has made significant strides in developing its defence industry in recent years, with the success of its combat drones in particular being praised. Drones developed by the Baykar company, co-run by one of Erdogan’s sons-in-law, have been used in Azerbaijan, Libya and Ukraine, with Kyiv using them in the first hours of Russia’s invasion. Last year China unveiled its first military drone carrier.


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