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UiPath Acquires NLP-company Re:infer

by Marco van der Hoeven

UiPath has acquired Re:infer, a natural language processing (NLP) company focused on unstructured documents and communications. Founded in 2015 by Ph.D. scientists from the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at University College London, Re:infer uses machine learning (ML) technology to mine context from communication messages and transform them into actionable data. 

Today, over 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, meaning that it cannot be easily analyzed and used to improve business operations or outcomes. This data is stored in many forms, from emails, documents, chat logs, to social messages and more, growing at the rate of more than 55% per year. Organizations must address these forms of communication, as they are the main means customers use to engage with them. Every customer conversation contains valuable information about the customer’s preferences and needs, and the organization’s products, services, and processes. Re:Infer combiens this in what they call Communications mining: intelligent prioritization and action.

For example in Customer support 95% of customer service teams use email to communicate with customers. Re:infer reads and understands incoming support emails and can automatically trigger the creation of a new case, or addition to an existing case in a customer support system. The result is saved time and less mundane work for busy customer support agents.

Customer experience: $62 billion is lost by United States (U.S.) businesses annually as a result of poor customer service. Understanding what your customers expect and what they have to say about your brand, products, and service is key to retaining them for the long term. Re:infer can provide understanding and visibility into the intent and sentiment of multi-channel customer feedback, at scale, across each stage of the user journey.

Customer support: 129 billion business emails are sent yearly—that’s a lot of emails. You probably have people somewhere in your company triaging incoming emails and deciding who needs to respond. In high-volume communications channels, such as shared mailboxes and chat channels, Re:infer enables customized categorization, prioritization, data extraction, and routing (to the appropriate department or individual) of each message. Which frees your employee to do more productive work instead.

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