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Universal Robots Establishes First UK Hub in Sheffield

by Marco van der Hoeven

Sheffield is poised to welcome the first robotics company within its borders. Universal Robots, the Danish collaborative robot (cobot) company, has announced the opening of its UK hub in Sheffield. Scheduled to open its doors on Thursday, 8th June, the new hub will serve as a dedicated space for UK manufacturers to explore the benefits of collaborative automation.

Universal Robots, renowned for its cobots that collaborate with human workers on the factory floor, aims to demonstrate the versatility and advantages of collaborative automation to manufacturers in the UK. By working alongside humans, cobots streamline production processes and enhance productivity, revolutionizing manufacturing operations across various industries.

Mark Gray, UK & Ireland Manager at Universal Robots, aptly describes the forthcoming hub as a place akin to an “Apple store, but for robots.” The showroom will enable manufacturers to witness firsthand the capabilities of cobots and inspire them to explore the possibilities of integrating collaborative automation into their own production setups.

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