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Universal Robots launches new 30 kg collaborative robot

by Marco van der Hoeven

Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), has unveiled its latest addition to the product lineup – a new cobot with a 30 kg payload capacity, known as UR30.

UR30 is part of Universal Robot’s series of next-generation cobots and shares the same architectural foundation as the award-winning UR20. Despite its compact design, UR30 boasts a high lifting capacity and precise motion control, facilitating the accurate placement of heavy payloads, enabling it to operate efficiently at increased speeds.

This versatility makes UR30 suitable for various applications, including machine tending, material handling, and high-torque screw driving. In machine tending, the substantial payload capacity allows the cobot to utilize multiple grippers simultaneously, reducing changeover times and maximizing productivity by removing finished parts and loading new material in a single pass.

UR30 is also well-suited for high-torque screw driving tasks, capable of handling larger and higher-output torque tools. Its steady mode feature ensures consistent and precise screw driving, making it advantageous in industries such as automotive manufacturing.

Furthermore, UR30’s 30 kg payload capacity makes it a valuable asset for material handling and palletizing of heavy products across diverse industries. Its compact footprint allows it to fit into various workspace configurations, alleviating the need for manual heavy lifting. With a weight of just 63.5 kg, it can be easily relocated between workstations.

Kim Povlsen, the President of Universal Robots, commented, “The increased payload and enhanced flexibility mark a new era in automation. Industries worldwide are embracing agile manufacturing and production modularity. Mobility is a crucial aspect of achieving modularity and agility, and this cobot delivers that capability, despite its payload.”

As industries continue to evolve, UR30 not only meets but also anticipates shifting demands, enabling businesses to adapt and respond effectively to changing requirements. This latest addition to Universal Robots’ portfolio represents another step in their ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation possibilities.

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