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XTEND and ModalAI develop autonomous mission critical drones

by Pieter Werner

XTEND, developer of human-guided autonomous operating system XOS, has announced a partnership with ModalAI., a manufacturer of autonomous drone and robotics technology. The partnership will see XTEND make available their XOS operating system on ModalAI’s technology, and XTEND’s range of human-guided autonomous drones become tightly fused with ModalAI’s VOXL 2 Autonomous AI Autopilot.

XTEND’s Operating System (XOS) is aimed to provide users with an easily deployable operating system for their drones or robots. Their app store is open to third-party app developers for users to run 3rd party applications on their devices, including applications for multiple mission types, including apps that can control a drone’s position and extract data, control payloads – such as robotic claws or advanced gas or cyber detectors, or inspect faulty oil and gas industrial infrastructure.

VOXL 2 is ModalAI’s Blue UAS Framework autopilot, powered by the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor. At 16g, VOXL 2 condenses autonomous capabilities from an onboard companion computer, PX4 flight controller and AI up to 15+ TOPS. VOXL 2 was crafted to cut autonomous UAV development time by more than half. As a single board AI autopilot with pre-integrated flight hardware and software, VOXL 2 enables developers to accelerate the R&D phase of the product development journey, and begin developing their own bespoke UAVs.

Both companies are part of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue UAS Framework, which accelerates commercial technology with the aim of providing advanced capabilities to UAV drone users.

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