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Zivid joins Fizyr partner program

by Pieter Werner

At MODEX 2024 Fizyr announced the integration of Zivid cameras into its newly certified Vision Packs as part of its Partner Program. This collaboration aims to address complex automation challenges in various industries.

Fizyr’s Vision Packs, designed to tackle tasks like Pick & Place, Singulation, Palletization/Depal, Detection, Trailer/Container Unloading, and Laundry handling, offer multiple configurations to optimize component selection, capabilities, and cost-effectiveness for customer-specific automation needs.

Fizyr’s CEO, Ken Fleming, highlighted the significant role Zivid has played in the development of these Vision Packs, emphasizing the efficiency and effectiveness they bring to integrators. He noted that the combination of Fizyr’s advanced vision AI and Zivid’s high-quality cameras is particularly beneficial in environments with many variables and inconsistencies.

The pairing of Zivid’s 2 and 2+ camera lines with Fizyr’s deep learning vision AI demonstrates robust performance in various challenging scenarios, including the handling of transparent, reflective, or dark materials. Fizyr’s technology is designed to rapidly identify and categorize items, calculate and prioritize actions, and adaptively guide robots in response to changing conditions.

Mikkel Orheim, Zivid’s SVP of Sales & Marketing, expressed that the combination of Zivid cameras with Fizyr’s Vision Packs enables integrators to address complex automation challenges effectively. He emphasized the importance of integrating capable technologies to meet the high demands and throughput requirements of their clients.


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