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Zoom launches AI workplace

by Pieter Werner

Zoom Video Communications today announced the launch of Zoom Workplace, an AI-driven collaboration platform, along with new functionalities for its AI Companion, aimed at enhancing workplace productivity. The updates include enhancements to Zoom Phone, Team Chat, Events, and Contact Center, as well as the introduction of the ‘Ask AI Companion’ feature across the platform.

Zoom Workplace aims to facilitate collaboration by integrating all essential collaboration tools into a single AI-driven platform. According to Smita Hashim, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, the platform is designed to offer Zoom users a more efficient work experience.

The Ask AI Companion feature enables users to quickly access important information and automate tasks by synthesizing data from various Zoom applications. Additionally, there are improvements to the digital assistant for Zoom Phone, including AI-driven summaries and task extraction from voicemail messages, and new capabilities for Team Chat and Whiteboard.

Zoom Workplace also introduces new user experiences, including an updated interface and enhanced navigation. For Zoom Meetings, new features such as a tab for integrating workflows and AI-driven enhancements have been added to make meetings more effective.

For hybrid work environments, Zoom now offers a Workspaces tab within the app, providing access to workspace reservation and visitor management. Additionally, improvements have been made to Zoom Rooms, such as smart name badges and the ability to use multiple screens for collaboration.

Zoom’s business services, including Zoom Contact Center, have been expanded with AI Expert Assist and real-time customer engagement monitoring. New integrations with WhatsApp and inbound email have been added, along with enhancements for PCI compliance in payment transactions. For sales organizations, the Zoom Revenue Accelerator has been updated with new features like deal memos and automated scorecards.

These new products and features are expected to be available in April and May, although some may not be immediately available in all regions and sectors.

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