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Humanoid robots in the warehouse

by Pieter Werner

Agility Robotics, maker of bipedal Mobile Manipulation Robot (MMR) Digit, has partnered with Zion Solutions Group to introduce humanoid robotics to the supply chain industry. Zion claims to bet the first systems integrator to offer this solution for connecting manual and automated workflows in warehouse operations.

Automation has been widely adopted to improve efficiency and productivity in warehouses, but some tasks remain difficult to automate due to high turnover, injury rates, and a widening labor gap. Agility Robotics’ solutions, including Digit, are designed to handle these repetitive bulk material tasks that connect otherwise isolated workflows. Zion Solutions Group will now integrate Agility‚Äôs Digit and Agility Arc, a cloud-based platform for managing Digit fleets, into their warehouse designs.

Jim Shaw, President of Zion Solutions Group, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the transformative potential of humanoid robotics in supply chains. He highlighted Digit’s early success in live warehouse environments and anticipated that this technology would soon revolutionize collaboration between humans and robots in logistics.

Peggy Johnson, CEO of Agility Robotics, remarked that Zion’s innovative approach to automation, combined with its industry expertise, aligns with Agility’s mission of customer success. This partnership will enhance the deployment of safe and efficient workflows in warehouse environments.

Digit employs advanced AI models to adapt to changing workflows, ensuring safety standards and flexibility in challenging logistics and manufacturing tasks. Agility Arc further streamlines fleet deployment and management. Together, Agility Robotics and Zion Solutions Group aim to reshape the future of supply chain operations with this partnership.

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