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FLX Logistics deploys DexoryView

by Pieter Werner

Dexory has deployed its AI and robotics solution, DexoryView, at FLX Logistics’ new warehouse in Peterborough, United Kingdom. FLX Logistics, a subsidiary of the Freshlinc Group, specializes in ambient logistics management. The newly opened facility, spanning 140,000 square feet, will utilize DexoryView’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and digital twin technologies to enhance operational efficiency and stock accuracy.

Sam Goodger, General Manager of FLX Logistics in Peterborough, emphasized the company’s focus on improving efficiency and accuracy. He noted that using DexoryView from the start provides real-time data on stock accuracy, empowering the team to drive the business forward.

Oana Jinga, Chief Commercial and Product Officer at Dexory, highlighted the significance of this collaboration. She pointed out that implementing DexoryView from the outset demonstrates FLX Logistics’ commitment to utilizing real-time data to enhance operational efficiency. The data generated by DexoryView has already enabled FLX Logistics to effectively manage and transform its day-to-day operations.

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