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ABB Launches Next-Generation Robotics Control Platform OmniCore

by Marco van der Hoeven

ABB Robotics has unveiled OmniCore, a new intelligent automation platform designed to enhance business productivity and flexibility. The OmniCore platform is part of a $170 million strategic investment aimed at accelerating advanced and more sustainable automation solutions.

The OmniCore platform integrates AI, sensor technology, cloud computing, and edge computing systems into a single control architecture. This integration is expected to create more autonomous and advanced robotic applications.

OmniCore boasts class-leading motion performance, with robot path accuracy of less than 0.6mm and speeds up to 1,600mm per second. This high precision and speed enable new automation opportunities in sectors such as arc welding, mobile phone display assembly, gluing, and laser cutting. Additionally, the platform allows robots to operate up to 25 percent faster and consume up to 20 percent less energy compared to ABB’s previous controller.

The scalable, modular architecture of OmniCore supports over 1,000 hardware and software features, making it versatile for various applications, including biotechnology and construction. Notable software features include ABB’s Absolute Accuracy and PickMaster Twin, while hardware options range from external axes and vision systems to fieldbuses.

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