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‘Leverage the power of the robot’

Videoreport from AI Powered Automation Summit part 1

by Marco van der Hoeven

At the AI powered Automation Summit by UiPath a broad range of topics related to AI was presented, especially the way AI affects all aspects of what was formerly Robotic Process Automation.

In this video the Rocking Robots team discusses trends in automation with Edwin Provoost, Future Workforce; Raluca Lupsan, Future Workforce; Roy de Boer , Thermo Fisher Scientific; Jaap-Jan-Wever, Regional VP, Benelux, UiPath; Nathan Bown, Yusen Logistics; Quinten Kolvenbach, Joanknecht; Eduardo Martínez, AVP South West EMEA, UiPath.

 Jaap-Jan Wever, the Regional Vice President of Benelux at UiPath, opened the event by discussing the exponential growth of AI in the enterprise context, Wever cited Nvidia’s remarkable revenue increase driven by the demand for data center chips over gaming chips. He noted that the European AI market reached $48 billion, with $30 million coming from generative AI.

Despite this impressive growth, Het acknowledged the challenges in operationalizing AI to drive business value and referenced Gartner’s view that integrating AI into systems or platforms is crucial for overcoming these challenges and connected this to UiPath’s AI-powered business automation platform.

Trust layer

Wever explained that UiPath’s platform is built on four pillars: context, support for multiple models, action, and trust. Context involves integrating AI models into specific business contexts to ensure high accuracy. UiPath supports various AI models, whether provided by UiPath, third-party vendors, or developed in-house. Action refers to enabling the execution of AI-generated insights and decisions, while trust ensures data security and privacy through a robust AI trust layer.

Craig Dewar, the Vice President of Product Marketing at UiPath, focused his keynote on the UiPath platform, its products, and the remarkable results customers are achieving with them. Dewar highlighted that AI innovation is not a distant future but a current reality, as demonstrated by the winners of the AI 10 awards. These awards were given to customers who have accomplished impressive feats with AI and automation and were first presented at UiPath’s Forward event last October.


Dewar explained how these companies achieved their successes using the UiPath platform, which utilizes AI to discover automation opportunities, automate processes, and operate large-scale automation programs. He highlighted specific investments in the platform, such as context-grounding technology, which improves AI accuracy by incorporating business-specific data.

He also discussed UiPath’s approach to AI models, emphasizing their open platform that supports various AI models, including those from Google, Microsoft, and others. UiPath also invests in its own models, particularly for document understanding and communications mining, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in these areas.

Dewar emphasized the importance of combining specialized AI and generative AI to solve specific business problems. He demonstrated how generative AI can handle unstructured documents and how the UiPath platform integrates these capabilities seamlessly.


Furthermore, Dewar stressed the importance of action in automation. He claims UiPath’s platform supercharges productivity by enabling users to automate a broader set of processes easily. He showcased a new technology called “autopilot,” which helps users manage tasks efficiently by automating repetitive parts of their work.

Finally, Dewar addressed the crucial aspect of trust. UiPath ensures data security and compliance through its AI trust layer, maintaining strict control over data usage and privacy. He concluded by reaffirming UiPath’s commitment to providing a secure and compliant AI-powered automation platform.

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