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AI-Powered Mixed Case Depalletization at Automate

by Pieter Werner

CMES Robotics has announced its participation in Automate 2024, where it will present a new Mixed Case Depalletizing Solution. The event, scheduled for May 6-9 in Chicago, will feature demonstrations of the technology developed in collaboration with Doosan Robotics and beRobox. CMES Robotics specializes in AI machine vision software and is leveraging the capabilities of the Doosan Robotics 6-axis cobot H2017.

The system introduced by CMES is engineered to enhance efficiency in depalletizing operations commonly found in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. It employs advanced AI-driven vision and robotic control to handle mixed SKUs effectively, allowing for the depalletizing of diverse items such as boxes and bags without prior sorting. The technology boasts a handling capacity of up to 600 items per hour and can manage weights up to 55 pounds.

Features of the solution include AI 3D vision sensors that ensure precise detection and positioning of items. The system is also highlighted for its quick installation and user-friendly operation, attributed to its intuitive plug-and-play design.

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