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AI professionals: management does not understand risks and opportunities of AI

by Pieter Werner

Together with Databricks, Dataiku has conducted research among senior AI professionals at large companies worldwide into the status of Generative AI, ROI of AI tools and AI use cases, among other things. The results of the global survey show that European senior AI professionals are more likely to see Generative AI as a revolution that will change the way we work (29 percent).

In addition, European data professionals are more likely to have clear processes for successfully implementing and commissioning AI projects (57 percent), compared to the US (43 percent).

However, the European participants also believe that existing AI regulation is inadequate: just under half agree that more regulation is needed for AI, and a third replied that they do not believe that business leaders (aka the C- Suite) have a good understanding of the risks and benefits of AI.

perception and implementation
The results from European respondents are part of a larger global survey of data leaders across companies and industries. This survey took place in June 2023 to examine the adoption and perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Respondents were split on the maturity of AI: Nearly half (48 percent) said they were integrating or expanding data science and AI, while 51 percent were still in the experimental phase or setting up AI.

It was striking that the implementation of AI did not coincide with the measurement of its value. Nearly two in five (37 percent) data professionals reported that they accounted for the value of data science and AI initiatives with consistent frameworks or accounted for AI in the same way as other strategic initiatives. In contrast, 55 percent of respondents used an inconsistent tracking system or only recorded results on sometimes or not representative.

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