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Robot Waiter Market to Capture Revenue Share of $1.97 Billion by 2028

by Pieter Werner

The robot waiter market is expected to achieve a revenue of $1.97 billion by 2028, reflecting the sector’s adaptation of robotics and automation within the hospitality industry. The growth of this market is influenced by factors such as labor shortages, the need for contactless service options, particularly highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the general push towards operational efficiency.

Key players in this market include SoftBank Robotics, Boston Dynamics, and Pudu Robotics. These companies have been instrumental in developing robot waiters that are capable of navigating complex environments, interacting with customers, and integrating with restaurant management systems. Their advancements in technology have led to more sophisticated robot waiter designs.

In terms of recent developments and partnerships within this industry, 2023 was a notable year. RobotLAB and Bear Robotics collaborated to increase the availability of robots in hospitality. Bear Robotics also released Servi Plus, a new robot waiter model. SoftBank Robotics established partnerships in Australia with Sushi Machines and in Spain with Bunzl Distribution, focusing on solving worker shortages and broadening the use of robotic solutions. Pudu Robotics entered the Japanese cleaning market with their commercial cleaning robots, and Gausium introduced the Scrubber 50 Pro, an updated robotic cleaning device.

The distribution of robot waiters is a mix of direct sales to hospitality businesses and sales through authorized dealers and distributors. Online sales channels, including e-commerce platforms, also play a significant role in the market, allowing for a wider reach and accessibility for potential customers.

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