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AI Sommelier Gives Guidance in Growing US Wine Market

by Marco van der Hoeven

BetterAI, a data technology company, recently unveiled “VinoVoss,” a web-based application designed to assist users in selecting wines. This application employs artificial intelligence (AI) to offer personalized wine recommendations, functioning as a virtual wine sommelier. The launch of VinoVoss is particularly notable given the anticipated growth of the United States wine market, which is projected to generate $39 billion in revenue in 2024.

Angel Vossough, CEO and Co-Founder of BetterAI, emphasized the challenges posed by traditional wine-focused search engines in addressing the subjective nature of taste. VinoVoss aims to overcome these limitations by using advanced AI technologies and language models to provide users with professional-quality wine guidance. The app offers a wide array of features, including the ability to search for wines based on various criteria such as grape variety, region, and price, as well as personalized recommendations based on taste preferences.

VinoVoss’s capabilities extend beyond personal use, with applications for businesses as well. For instance, integration of VinoVoss in a wine retailer’s online store led to a 30% increase in revenue due to higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. The app’s AI-driven recommendations also proved beneficial for a corporate event planner, ensuring a well-received wine selection for a large company gala.

Arsalan Vossough, CTO and Co-Founder of BetterAI, described VinoVoss as a specialized and advanced search engine designed to simplify and enhance the wine discovery process. The app’s development involved collaboration between Master Sommeliers and technical experts to ensure a blend of traditional wine expertise and advanced AI technology.

Key features of VinoVoss include its innovative AI technology, expertise in both AI and the wine industry, data-driven customization, and a focus on personalized user experience. The company also prioritizes data privacy and security, ethical considerations regarding AI use, and regulatory compliance.

Future plans for VinoVoss involve adding social networking features for wine enthusiasts, data APIs for wine businesses, and integrations with alcohol delivery apps. This development is expected to further facilitate the process of discovering and enjoying a wide range of wines, tailored to individual preferences.

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