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AI watches customers of Dutch Jumbo supermarket

by Marco van der Hoeven

Jumbo Supermarkets, a Dutch retail chain, has announced additional measures to combat shoplifting, including the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology is being used by Jumbo to identify unusual behavior in their stores. The supermarket chain is increasing camera surveillance across all its branches and intensifying random checks at self-checkout counters.

The AI technology is designed to detect potential theft by analyzing atypical customer movements and behaviors. This approach represents a continuing shift towards more technology-oriented security methods in retail. In response to the technological measures’ impact, Jumbo has introduced the ‘Jumbo Winwiel’, a scheme where customers, after passing a flawless random check, can win free products or other rewards. This initiative aims to compensate for any inconvenience caused by the heightened security checks.

Anrico Maat, Retail Director at Jumbo, emphasizes that shoplifting is an issue affecting everyone involved, including customers, employees, and the organization itself. According to Maat, the goal of these additional measures is to position Jumbo as a customer-friendly supermarket where people can shop in a pleasant and safe environment. In early January, Jumbo reported a loss of over 100 million euros due to theft.

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