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Ansys and NVIDIA work on Autonomous Vehicle Development

by Pieter Werner

Ansys has announced the integration of its AVxcelerate Sensors within NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, a scenario-based autonomous vehicle (AV) simulator that operates on NVIDIA Omniverse. This integration, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024, aims to enhance the development and validation process of AV perception systems.

The key aspect of this integration is the incorporation of Ansys’ physics solvers for various sensors, such as cameras, lidar, radar, and thermal cameras, into NVIDIA DRIVE Sim. This enhancement is intended to improve the accuracy of simulations in the realm of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AV perception development.

This collaboration addresses the challenges in AV safety and reliability testing. Given the impracticality of exhaustive physical on-road testing, which would require billions of miles to be effective, the industry is increasingly relying on virtual simulations. The integration of Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors with NVIDIA DRIVE Sim is designed to offer a more efficient and scalable solution for testing and validating AV sensor and software performance in a controlled virtual environment.

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