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AWS Launches New Services for Generative AI

by Pieter Werner

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc., has introduced a suite of five generative artificial intelligence (AI) innovations aimed at enabling organizations of varied sizes to develop new generative AI applications, improve employee productivity, and fundamentally transform their operations.

Central to today’s announcements is the unveiling of Amazon Bedrock, now generally available, a fully managed service providing access to high-performing foundation models from premier AI companies. The service offers extensive capabilities for building generative AI applications, focusing on streamlining development while prioritizing privacy and security. This service hosts models such as Meta’s Llama 2 and Amazon Titan Embeddings, enhancing the flexibility and options available to customers for diverse use cases.

In addition to Bedrock, AWS is enhancing its AI offerings with the impending preview of Amazon CodeWhisperer, designed to provide AI-driven code suggestions that are informed by an organization’s internal codebase, thus aiming to boost developer productivity. AWS is also previewing generative Business Intelligence (BI) authoring capabilities in Amazon QuickSight to facilitate business analysts in data exploration and visualization through natural language commands.

Customer Centric Approach

Companies including adidas, BMW Group, GoDaddy, and Merck, are amongst those leveraging AWS’s generative AI innovations to evolve their products and services. These organizations are seeking to harness generative AI to revamp their operations and deliver unprecedented user experiences, emphasizing security, privacy, model selection flexibility, and customization of models with their proprietary data.

Amazon Bedrock emphasizes ease of access to top foundation models and their seamless integration, focusing on security and privacy. It allows for the secure incorporation and deployment of generative AI capabilities within applications, using familiar AWS services, without exposing any traffic to the public internet, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA and GDPR.

Diverse Application

The integrative services, including Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan Embeddings, are poised to impact various sectors and industries, aiming to place generative AI within the reach of a wide array of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, and varied professionals, from developers to data analysts.


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