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AWS Summit 2024: Generative AI is Transforming Businesses

by Marco van der Hoeven

This morning Danielle Gorlick, General Manager of AWS Benelux, opened the AWS Summit 2024 in Amsterdam with a keynote focusing on the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business transformation. The event gathered over 6,000 participants.

Gorlick highlighted the current state of AI adoption in the Benelux region, emphasizing the progress against the EU’s 2030 digital economy goals. With 43% of Benelux businesses already incorporating AI – ahead of the EU average – Gorlick showcased AWS as a catalyst in this rapid adoption and growth.

Addressing AI Skills Shortage

She also touched upon the AI skills shortage in the region. Gorlick announced AWS’s commitment to training 29 million people by 2025, with specialized programs like AWS Restart. These initiatives aim to fill the talent gap in the AI sector, ensuring that businesses have the necessary skills to leverage AI technologies effectively.

Sustainable AI Solutions

According to Gorlick AWS’s commitment to sustainability was interwoven with its AI initiatives. For instance, WeTransfer, a content distribution platform, used AWS’s AI tools to achieve a 78% reduction in their carbon footprint, illustrating how AI can be harnessed for environmental benefits.

The opening keynote underscored AWS’s role in shaping the future of AI in the business sector. By providing advanced AI solutions, training initiatives, and a commitment to sustainable practices, AWS says it is positioned as a key player in the EU’s journey towards a digital and AI-driven economy. 


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