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BiaTech Joins NVIDIA Inception

by Pieter Werner

BiaTech Corporation, a startup specializing in multisensory AI fusion for energy and natural resource infrastructure, has announced its inclusion in NVIDIA Inception, a program that supports startups advancing their industries through technological innovations. BiaTech is developing technologies that utilize AI computer vision, multisensory AI fusion, and generative AI models to create semi-sentient infrastructure. These technologies aim to provide real-time interaction with assets, enhancing productivity and asset longevity in sectors such as clean energy and utilities.

Currently, BiaTech’s projects include AI solutions for geothermal pipeline flow measurement, funded by a U.S. Department of Energy grant, and AI-driven fire detection and vegetation management systems. By leveraging sensors that replicate human senses, BiaTech’s early products focus on asset protection from wildfires and live monitoring of energy flow in a 3D visual environment to optimize production.

Participation in NVIDIA Inception offers BiaTech access to resources such as developer training, preferential pricing on NVIDIA hardware and software, cloud credits, and connections to NVIDIA’s investor network. These benefits are expected to expedite BiaTech’s transition from prototype development to commercial product readiness. The program also facilitates collaboration with industry experts and other AI-focused companies.

Nathaniel Hartwig, Founder and CEO of BiaTech, emphasized the significance of joining NVIDIA Inception, highlighting the support it provides as the company moves from conceptualization to market-ready solutions. Hartwig noted the partnership’s role in advancing BiaTech’s mission to make affordable clean energy accessible by utilizing their innovative AI technologies.

NVIDIA Inception provides member startups with tailored support during key phases of product development and deployment, offering benefits such as credits from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, preferred pricing, and technical assistance. These resources equip startups with essential tools for growth and innovation.

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