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Tsubame launches Archax, a ‘human-piloted robot’

by Pieter Werner

Tsubame Industries’ Archax robot, a human-piloted machine standing 15 feet tall and weighing 3.5 tons, showcases advanced robotics with a humanoid upper body, two arms, and a hand designed to mimic human movements. Capable of transforming between robot and walking modes, Archax embodies Tsubame Industries’ vision of merging science fiction with reality.

The development of Archax was facilitated by meviy, an AI-driven parts procurement platform developed by MISUMI Group Inc. This technology streamlined the parts procurement process, reducing development timelines and overcoming traditional challenges associated with sourcing and quoting parts.

By using meviy, Tsubame Industries benefited from a streamlined procurement cycle. The platform allows for quotes and orders to be processed directly from 3D data, eliminating the need for converting designs into 2D drawings. This efficiency enabled developers to concentrate on innovation rather than administrative tasks. Furthermore, meviy provided real-time machining insights and pricing, which facilitated agile decision-making and rapid design iterations. Its AI capabilities offered solutions to machining constraints, ensuring the smooth integration of complex design elements.

Mr. Ryo Yoshida, CEO of Tsubame Industries, highlighted the impact of meviy on their project, noting that it not only reduced lead times but also enhanced the creativity and functionality of Archax. He praised meviy’s innovative machining capabilities for their role in achieving the intricate movements and aesthetic features of the robot’s hand.

meviy continues to lead advancements in parts procurement technology, promoting seamless collaboration between developers and manufacturers across industries. As robotics technology progresses, meviy remains committed to driving innovation and accelerating development in Japan and the U.S.

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