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Book a tour with the cutting-edge museum robot in the Zeeuws Museum

by Pieter Werner

The Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg has a world premiere. From the 18th of March onwards, the museum will host virtual tours using the latest telepresence robot ‘GOBE’ from Smartrobot.Solutions.

Until June 13th, the Zeeuws Museum will host free interactive tours in Dutch (and English if requested) to everyone worldwide. Together with a tour guide and the GOBE, you will explore the splendor of the renowned Zeeland’ tapestries from the museum collection. Are you excited? You can book your timeslot from March 18th until June 13th 2021 from Thursday until Sunday! The tours last for 45 minutes and start at 9:30am and 11:30am. Wednesdays can be booked on special requests.

World Heritage

 The tapestries from the Zeeuws Museum provide a unique perspective into the Dutch Revolt, a war that has been fought on Zeelandic waters and shores between 1572 and 1576. The uprising marks the beginning of the Eighty Years’ War  (1568-1648) against the Spanish King Philips II. This war resulted in the formation of the Dutch Republic.

Book a slot

It is required to reserve your spot via rondleidingen@zeeuwsmuseum.nl

You can join the tour after receiving a confirmation email. Note: A laptop or desktop with Google Chrome and optimal WiFi (5Ghz) is needed in order to participate.

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