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BOW unveils robotics software at Hannover Messe

by Pieter Werner

At the Hannover Messe BOW, a robotics software company, showcased its platform that enables code-agnostic, interoperable, and scalable programming for robots. The company, which was established from research in computational intelligence and robotics in 2020, is focused on addressing restricted programming languages and interoperability that hinder broader adoption and deployment of robotics technologies.

During the event BOW demonstrated the practical applications of its platform in collaboration with its partners, Sarcomere Dynamics and inMotion robotic. These demonstrations are part of a broader effort to make robotics more accessible and usable across various industries and applications.

Sarcomere Dynamics, a Canadian company specializing in advanced automation technologies, exhibited their ARTUS Lite robotic hands, which are designed to replicate human dexterity for handling complex tasks such as bomb disposal and hazardous material management. These robotic hands are integrated with BOW’s platform to enable sophisticated teleoperation capabilities over long distances.

Meanwhile, inMotion robotic, in partnership with Deep Robotics, highlighted their latest bionic quadruped robots, which are designed for challenging environments such as industrial inspections and emergency search and rescue operations. These robots, which come with the BOW software development kit (SDK) as standard, demonstrate the platform’s ability to facilitate easy programming, simulation, and deployment across different robotic systems.

The CEOs of both partnering companies, Kai Leuze of inMotion robotic and Harpal Mandaher of Sarcomere Dynamics, expressed their companies’ strategic alignment with BOW in integrating its software solutions to enhance the versatility and deployment of their robotic systems.

Nick Thompson, CEO of BOW, emphasized the importance of simplifying the programming and deployment processes to unlock the full potential of industrial robotics. He projected significant growth for the industrial robotics sector, anticipating it to more than double in value by 2030. According to Thompson, BOW’s platform plays a crucial role in this expansion by enabling developers to easily program, simulate, and deploy robots in a variety of settings and applications, as exemplified by the collaborations with Sarcomere Dynamics and inMotion robotic at Hannover Messe.

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