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Pudu Robotics Expands Into Industrial Market

by Pieter Werner

Pudu Robotics has introduced an industrial robot, the PUDU T300, which is set to premiere at Hannover Messe 2024. This launch marks the company’s first foray into robots designed for industrial applications. The PUDU T300 is capable of delivering supplies to production lines, transferring materials across various production zones, and facilitating the transport of samples for quality checks.

The robot features maneuverability, allowing it to navigate the narrow corridors often found in industrial settings. Its “map-and-go” feature enables flexible deployment, operating independently of network connectivity and without requiring environmental modifications, which facilitates easy integration into existing workflows.

Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics, noted the significant demand from industrial clients for automated, flexible robotics solutions that can operate continuously to support high production rates and improve operational efficiency. The T300 aims to address labor shortages by integrating seamlessly with existing processes and enhancing operational capabilities to drive innovation across the manufacturing industry.

Built on Pudu Robotics’ proprietary PUDU VSLAM+ technology, the T300 uses a visual positioning system that allows for marker-free navigation, making it quick to adapt to changes in production layouts without extensive reconfiguration. The robot’s capabilities include exceptional maneuverability, with the ability to navigate tight spaces and overcome physical thresholds, advanced navigation systems combining laser SLAM and visual SLAM, IoT capabilities for enhanced integration, multimodal interaction for clear communication of operational status, efficient charging options for continuous operation, and compliance with ISO 3691-4 industrial safety standards.

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