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Canadian Automation and Robotics Industry Primarily Served by Integrators, New Study Reveals

by Pieter Werner

A new report released yesterday by the global automation marketplace HowToRobot.com in collaboration with the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) provides fresh insights into Canada’s robot and automation suppliers. The study uncovers key trends in the industry, mainly driven by integrators that service the manufacturing sector, including the metal, machinery, and automotive industries. However, it also highlights growth in the healthcare and energy sectors.

The study documents a strong integration community within Canadian robotics and an increasing interest from a diverse range of industries in applying robotics in their operations. While the bulk of the automation industry serves the manufacturing sector, the healthcare and energy sectors are rising in prominence, receiving services from 20% and 19% of the automation industry, respectively.

“The study enables us to better understand the diversity of the automation industry and both new and existing applications for robotics in Canada,” said Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot.com.

The study catalogues a total of 249 robot and automation suppliers in Canada, including 142 integrators. These integrators play a pivotal role in the sector, tailoring automation solutions to meet the needs of end-users. Also noted were 49 sub-component suppliers, 33 robot manufacturers, 16 advisors, and 9 distributors, all supplying essential services to the industry.

Geographically, Central Canada, specifically Ontario and Quebec, emerges as the hub for automation with 81% of supplier offices located here. This geographical concentration parallels the fact that these two provinces generated nearly 69% of the Canadian manufacturing industry’s revenue in 2021, underscoring the vital link between the robot and automation industry and the manufacturing sector.

In terms of application areas, handling and picking saw the most activity from suppliers (130), followed by inspection and quality control (90), and packing and palletizing (89). The report also reveals that the majority of suppliers served the robotics industry itself (141), followed by the metal and machinery manufacturing (108), and the automotive industry (89).

“The study provides a broad overview of the automation industry and its many suppliers,” said Alex Shikany, Vice President of A3.

As for robot brands, Fanuc leads the pack, being used by 64 suppliers, followed by ABB (44 suppliers) and KUKA (39 suppliers).

The findings of this report underline the thriving state of the Canadian automation industry and the importance of integrators in this robust market. With an eye towards the future, the upward trend in the healthcare and energy sectors points towards an evolving industry ready to adapt to the changing landscape.

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