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PatientGPT Aims to Expedite Drug Development

by Pieter Werner

Bielefeld-based AI startup Semalytix has announced a new tool, PatientGPT, claiming to speed up the process of generating insights in life sciences. The tool, a large language model (LLM), reportedly uses patient experience data to provide analysis and interpretation that traditionally could take up to six months, in a matter of seconds.

PatientGPT operates on patient experience data sourced from 100 million sources in 26 languages. The data is further refined using Semalytix’s supervised AI framework, aiming to ensure the accuracy of the tool’s responses and allowing users to fact-check in real time.

The tool is intended to facilitate patient-focused drug development, enabling rapid access to a wide range of patient experiences with medications and treatments. Janik Jaskolski, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Semalytix, suggests this approach could lead to greater insights into patient needs worldwide. The tool promises to revolutionize the use of patient data in life sciences, with the speed and scale of PatientGPT’s analysis representing a significant advancement.

The tool’s developers also point to a potential application in identifying new therapeutic opportunities. By analyzing patient experiences, unexpected drug effects could be identified and explored, as was the case with the development of Viagra from a hypertension medication in 1998.

Semalytix, founded in 2015, is focused on the development of AI technologies leveraging patient experience data to inform decision-making within healthcare. Its clientele includes many of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. As of now, the startup employs 25 employees.

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