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Capital injection for Blue Radix

by Marco van der Hoeven

Blue Radix, specialist in Autonomous Growing, has announced investments by Navus Ventures and Investment Cooperative Horticoop. The investments are aimed at further expanding Blue Radix’s product range and increasing its global impact in the horticultural industry.

Since its establishment in 2019, Blue Radix has been working closely with growers to leverage AI-driven technology for greenhouses worldwide. Its flagship product, Crop Controller, was introduced to the market in 2021 with the goal of optimizing growers’ crop strategies without human intervention. The system has been successfully implemented in numerous greenhouses across 13 countries, showcasing its effectiveness in various climate conditions.

According to Ronald Hoek, CEO and co-founder of Blue Radix, growers have experienced significant improvements in yield and quality while managing larger areas and reducing costs with the help of Crop Controller. The positive feedback received from growers has been instrumental in refining the technology and enhancing its reliability. Blue Radix aims to empower growers to fully rely on its system, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their daily operations.

With Crop Controller ready for scaling, Blue Radix’s mission is to enable growers to harness the potential of their greenhouse data and optimize their results through AI application. Laurens van der Spek, COO and co-founder, emphasizes the importance of allowing growers to utilize their knowledge and experience efficiently, particularly in the face of a decreasing number of growers.

The recent investments from Navus Ventures and Horticoop mark a significant milestone for Blue Radix. Horticoop, representing 400 greenhouse companies, actively invests in ventures that contribute positively to the horticultural sector. Steven van Nieuwenhuijzen, CEO of Horticoop, highlights Blue Radix’s leadership in applied artificial intelligence within the industry and its alignment with Horticoop’s vision for a sustainable and productive future for greenhouse horticulture.

Navus Ventures, focusing on sustainable food and energy investments, recognizes the potential of Blue Radix’s operational intelligence and energy efficiency solutions. Eduard Meijer, director of Navus Ventures, considers greenhouse technology as a key driver of efficient and sustainable food production. The investments from Navus Ventures aim to support Blue Radix financially and provide knowledge and network support to make a global impact on sustainable food production and energy management.

The collaboration between Blue Radix, Navus Ventures, and Horticoop signifies a significant step towards revolutionizing the horticultural industry. By empowering growers, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability in greenhouse horticulture, the collective effort aims to contribute to a healthier future for the global horticultural sector.

From left to right: Laurens van der Spek (COO), Ronald Hoek (CEO) and Rudolf de Vetten (CPO)

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