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Partnership Artefact and Dataiku on AI

by Pieter Werner

Data consulting services specialist Artefact and the AI platform provider Dataiku have announced a collaboration aimed at promoting “Everyday AI” for data-driven decision making within organizations. The partnership intends to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across various business areas, enabling data-driven decision-making processes that yield a return on investment (ROI) for the entire organization.

Dataiku’s platform offers a centralized solution for designing, deploying, and managing AI applications. It is designed to cater to all industry sectors, allowing data and domain experts to integrate AI into their day-to-day operations. By combining technical expertise with business acumen, the platform fosters collaboration across departments, resulting in enhanced intelligence, improved productivity, cost reduction, and increased efficiency.

According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Dataiku’s approach has demonstrated the potential to achieve a remarkable 423% ROI over three years. The platform has also been shown to save 75% of data scientists’ time and reduce repetitive manual reporting tasks by 90%.

As part of Dataiku’s Partner Network, Artefact plays a pivotal role in assisting Dataiku clients to maximize ROI opportunities. Through a comprehensive approach that encompasses strategic understanding, technical expertise, business experience, and project management capabilities, Artefact facilitates data transformation processes. Their services include assisting with the installation of the Dataiku platform, providing data consulting services, devising data strategies, establishing responsible data governance policies, and delivering user training to enhance employee skills.

Artefact’s involvement aims to enable organizations to fully harness the value of their data and utilize it to create and deploy AI models that enhance day-to-day operations.

The collaboration between Artefact and Dataiku has already yielded successful outcomes in various digital transformation projects. For instance, Artefact’s data science team, leveraging the Dataiku platform, developed automated machine learning models for a French telecom company, Orange. These models significantly improved call activity forecasting precision and provided insights into factors influencing call volumes. The implementation of these models resulted in the deployment of 36 machine learning models, enhanced call detection capabilities, and achieved a remarkable 92% accuracy rate in call volume forecasting.

In another notable case, a global retailer utilized Dataiku to adopt business-relevant and customer-related key performance indicators (KPIs) to inform decision-making and monitor marketing performance. Artefact’s data analysis team created two products—a client insight card and a test and measurement dashboard—that enabled a comprehensive overview of the company’s global activities. The client insight card provided essential KPIs and insights into key customer behaviors, while the test and measurement dashboard allowed the tracking of email performance and customer relationship-building activities.

Artefact has achieved the status of a certified Dataiku Analytics Partner, boasting 84 certified employees across various levels. These trained specialists collaborate closely with customers to implement the Dataiku platform and ensure that it delivers the desired business benefits.

Vincent Luciani, co-founder and CEO of Artefact, emphasized the importance of integrating AI into daily operations across the entire organization. Luciani stated that Artefact’s collaboration with Dataiku aims to democratize AI and enable customers to fully derive value from their data, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.

Sofian Benali, VP Partnerships EMEA at Dataiku, expressed his appreciation for Artefact’s commitment to data and its contribution to the success of the Dataiku platform. Benali highlighted Artefact’s dedication and stated that their expertise provides a solid foundation for Dataiku’s mission of facilitating the AI journey for organizations in all business sectors, based on their unique needs.

The collaboration between Artefact and Dataiku is expected to empower organizations to embrace AI across their operations, enabling data-driven decision making and unlocking the potential of data for enhanced business performance.

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