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Casino employs security-robot

by Pieter Werner

Knightscope, specializing in security robotics and AI technologies, has announced the deployment of its Fifth Generation K5 Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) at Margaritaville Resort Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. This integration of the K5 ASR at Margaritaville is part of a broader initiative under a master agreement with a company operating integrated entertainment, sports content, and casinos, aiming to expand Knightscope’s technologies across 43 properties in the United States.

The K5 Autonomous Security Robot is a fully autonomous outdoor robot, designed to operate without human intervention and capable of functioning continuously throughout the year. The robot is equipped with advanced proprietary AI software that aims to bolster safety measures on the property.

Additionally, it offers an engaging visitor experience through interactive features. These include Margaritaville-branded graphics, custom audio broadcast messaging with a client-selected voice, and improved access to emergency services. The robot also provides opportunities for guests to interact with it, including taking selfies.

Notably, the K5 is designed to be a visible deterrent to illicit activities. Its size, lighting, strobe lights, broadcast messages, and patrol sounds are intended to discourage unauthorized actions. Moreover, the robot is equipped with sensors that collect high-quality video and publicly available data to support investigative efforts.

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