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CCTY presents bearings for humanoid robots

by Pieter Werner

CCTY, a global motion control supplier based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, is will be presenting its bearing solutions at The Robotics Summit in Boston, which takes place on May 1 and 2, 2024. The company is showcasing its capabilities in engineering customized bearings specifically designed for humanoid robots, emphasizing their ability to replicate the natural movements of human limbs with both lightness and durability.

During the summit, CCTY is highlighting its articulating joint bearing innovations, which are critical for enabling humanoid robots to move with a lifelike range of motion. Yaman Obaid, a robotics engineer at CCTY, noted that the development of humanoid robots relies heavily on precision engineering, advanced materials, and innovative technology, with bearings playing a fundamental role in facilitating seamless motion.

CCTY’s booth, located at number 234 in Hall C, serves as a platform for the company to elaborate on its tailored approach to bearing design and assembly, distinguishing itself from conventional suppliers by working closely with customers to develop bespoke solutions that meet specific project requirements. Nik Jerinic, CCTY’s strategic account manager, emphasized the company’s role as a problem solver and collaborator in the design and testing of application-specific bearing solutions for humanoid robots.

The company also showcases its broader portfolio of bearing products, including cross roller bearings, ball bearings, and angular contact ball bearings, among others. CCTY’s capability to produce small batches and develop full assemblies offers several advantages to its clients, such as cost reductions, streamlined products, and simplified vendor management.

Moreover, CCTY is using the summit as an opportunity to discuss key trends in the robotics industry, such as the impact of seals, the balance of torque and clearance, and the effects of backlash on humanoid movement. These discussions reflect CCTY’s commitment to innovation and its strategic role as a partner in the burgeoning field of humanoid robotics.

Overall, CCTY’s participation in The Robotics Summit underscores its dedication to advancing the field of humanoid robotics through specialized engineering solutions and close collaboration with its customers in the robotics industry.

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