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Video: Sanctuary AI launches new generation of its humanoid

by Pieter Werner

Sanctuary AI announced the release of the seventh generation of its ‘Phoenix’ general-purpose robots. The new generation features advancements in hardware and AI software aimed at closely mirroring human intelligence and capabilities. The improvements include enhanced range of motion, increased operational uptime, and faster automation of new tasks—reducing the time from weeks to less than 24 hours.

The company’s latest robots are designed to perform more complex tasks for extended periods, thanks to significant enhancements in visual perception and tactile sensing. These upgrades contribute to better quality and higher fidelity in human behavioral data capture, which is crucial for training their AI control system, Carbon.

The rapid succession of new models follows the sixth generation, which was named as one of TIME’s best inventions of 2023. According to Geordie Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of Sanctuary AI, these developments mark a critical step towards achieving artificial general intelligence. Rose highlighted the robots’ increased likeness to human functions, stating this generation could be a cornerstone in AI robotics.

This series of upgrades also includes a reduced bill of materials and further miniaturization of components like hydraulics, which enhances the robots’ efficiency and safety standards.

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