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Collaboration on AI in driverless last-mile delivery

by Pieter Werner

Clevon, an autonomous delivery provider, and ZF, a technology company,  announced a strategic collaboration that brings together Clevon’s Autonomous Robotic Carrier technology and ZF SCALAR, a real-time AI-based fleet orchestration platform.

Clevon and ZF are joining forces to accelerate the deployment of efficient and integrated next-generation last-mile delivery services using driverless carriers in urban and on-yard environments.

“Clevon is making driverless deliveries happen already today. We are active in the US, Belgium, Lithuania, and Estonia; however, we have the capacity to expand more rapidly, and we are ready to safely bring fleets of carriers on public roads. This strategic collaboration with ZF will help us to reach this goal,” said Sander Sebastian Agur, CEO of Clevon.

ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions has developed SCALAR, a software-as-a-service platform designed to provide real-time fleet orchestration to driverless vehicles of any kind and in most operational domains. Based on years of experience in developing fleet management systems, combined with next-gen AI technology, SCALAR has been actively deployed on public roads and in real traffic conditions.

Clevon and ZF teams will work together to carry out a full-scale integration of the SCALAR SaaS platform and CLEVON 1 vehicles over the upcoming months and deploy it to manage CLEVON 1 unit fleets on public roads. The integration of ZF SCALAR will allow Clevon to focus on its core competence and the development of autonomous driving functionality and, at the same time, build courier fleets to test its technology and scale its worldwide operations.

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