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DFI launches new system for Edge AI Deployment

by Pieter Werner

DFI, provider of embedded solutions and Edge AI computing technology across multiple industries, is releasing the new Edge AI inference computer EC70A-TGU.

EC70A-TGU is powered by Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake Core processors, with 8GB onboard memory in a compact platform. Equipped with an all-new GPU in Iris Xe embedded graphics, EC70A-TGU delivers disruptive GPU graphics performance and enables faster processing of images and video streams. Users can leverage the GPU to power cutting-edge AI solutions for various applications, including Industrial Automation, AMR/AGV, Smart Transportation, Medical Imaging.

Maintaining the small size of the previous generation fanless embedded system, the EC70A-TGU is equipped with a compact fanless design, measuring only 181.6mm x 57mm x 118.4mm, while providing significantly upgraded performance. In addition, EC70A-TGU supports multiple I/Os, outperforming its counterparts with up to 6 USB 3.1 ports, and can be connected to more sensors and devices.

The EC70A-TGU also supports a wide temperature range of -20°C to 60°C and fanless design without performance compromising, meeting the harsh operating environment for factory automation and smart city applications. The system also includes onboard memory with vibration resistance to reduce the impact caused by movement.

DFI utilized the advantages of our advanced R&D design, continuing to optimize applications for developing a dedicated embedded system. The EC70A-TGU will help to accelerate the overall production efficiency, improve accuracy and achieve a zero-error production line, scaling up the performance of smart factories and intelligent warehouse applications.

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