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Eight investor-ready startups selected to compete at the finals of Odense Investor Summit 2023 at automatica

by Marco van der Hoeven

For the first time ever, as a part of Odense Investor Summit, a panel of experts will listen to the stream of pitches, ask critical questions, and ultimately choose the winner of this year’s Odense Investor Summit. This will happen at the world’s leading smart automation and robotics exhibition automatica, held in Munich, Germany at the end of June. The investor summit takes place at the Startup Arena hosted by FundingBox. On the day, you can expect to see the future of the robotics industry with strong cases that should be on the radar of anyone with an interest in the industry, specifically investors.

“I am thrilled to be involved in the pitch competition as it’s such an exciting opportunity to see new innovative products from new and upcoming entrepreneurs within robotics and automation. It’s important to support and encourage early-stage, robotic entrepreneurship, and Odense Robotics Startup Fund being part of the Summit is a great way to do just that”, says Mikkel Christoffersen, Startup Partner at Odense Robotics Startup Fund and member of the expert panel.

Unique ecosystem in the city of Odense
During Odense Investor Summit at automatica eight of the most qualified startups will present their innovative ideas and unveil the curtain of what the newest generation of entrepreneurs will bring to the industry. The panel of experts will be on the lookout for the readiness in both technology and funding as well as investment strategy when choosing the winner of Odense Investor Summit. The sponsors of the price are two of the most active partners of the robotics ecosystem in Odense – Odense Robotics Startup Fund and R-24.

“Odense Investor Summit is happy to announce the selected eight finalists, who will compete at the Odense Investor Summit at automatica. Our ambition is to connect the next generation of entrepreneurs with the right investors. At the same time, we hope to highlight the unique ecosystem and deal flow that exits within robotics and automation in Europe and how the city of Odense is leading the conversation regarding ‘what’s next’, especially in collaborative robotics”, says Martyna Waliszewska, Investment Manager, Invest in Odense.

Odense Investor Summit is hosted by Invest in Odense, which bridges the gap between capital-seeking companies and investors. The city of Odense has Denmark’s largest concentration of robotics companies and is also home to Europe’s biggest robotics cluster, Odense Robotics. This has created a unique ecosystem within the city, where the biggest talents have a chance to learn from the best working to bring new innovative ideas to the table.

The panel of experts is made up by:

• Mikkel Christoffersen, Startup Partner at Odense Robotics Startup Fund
• Michael Suppa, CEO and Co-Founder, Roboception
• Jennifer Apicella, Pittsburgh Robotics Network
• Representative from R-24, the international robotics fair which is to be held in Odense next year

The eight finalists at this year’s Odense Investor Summit are:

• Agora
• LightCode
• red cable robotics
• Robot AI
• Asimovo
• Spin Robotics
• Smooth Robotics
• AIM Robotics

Two exciting photonic companies will join the final of this year’s Odense Investor Summit. The remaining two finalists will be announced June 28th at automatica.

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