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First annual Women’s Empowerment Forum at Automate 2024

by Pieter Werner

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has announced its first annual Women’s Empowerment Forum at Automate 2024, North America’s largest robotics and automation trade show. The forum is set to highlight women’s roles and contributions in the field of automation. The event will commence with a keynote address by Professor Daniela Rus from MIT, focusing on the evolution and future prospects of automation and robotics.

The Women’s Empowerment Forum, open to all show registrants at no extra cost, will feature a panel of prominent female executives in the automation industry. This includes Marina Bill from ABB Robotics, Adi Leviatan of 3M, and Rashmi Misra from Microsoft. The discussion will center around overcoming challenges and maintaining motivation in a predominantly male industry. Following this forum, Professor Rus will address the attendees on the transformative potential of automation over the next six decades. Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic, will conclude the event with a presentation on the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence in industrial automation.

Deb Kling, vice president of marketing for A3, emphasized the importance of diverse voices in technology and its growing economic impact. The Women’s Empowerment Forum aims to acknowledge and enhance the participation of women in this field. Appreciation was also extended to Empowerment Sponsors: United Robotics Group and Teradyne.

Julia Astrid Riemenschneider, VP of business development at United Robotics Group, expressed the company’s commitment to empowering diverse groups through technology. Highlighting the significant role of their CTO, Dr. Nadja Schmiedl, as an inspiration for women in automation, she conveyed excitement about the forum and the opportunity to engage with the community in Chicago.

The Automate Show, free for automation professionals, expects over 30,000 registrants from around the world. It will feature 200 speakers and more than 800 exhibitors, showcasing advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and related technologies. Alongside the show, a paid conference will offer educational sessions led by more than 200 industry experts. These sessions are designed for attendees seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in automation. Additionally, the conference will provide courses for certifications in vision and motion control.

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