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Fizyr integrates Photoneo camera

by Pieter Werner

The Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D Color camera will be integrated into Fizyr’s Vision Packs, with the capability to address complex automation challenges in various industries. Photoneo’s technology and Fizyr’s vision will be combined in robotic systems in applications such as Pick & Place, Singulation, Palletization/Depalletization, Detection, Trailer/Container Unloading, and Laundry handling.

Ken Fleming, CEO of Fizyr, emphasizes the significance of the partnership, noting Photoneo’s global reputation as a leading provider of high-quality cameras for industrial applications. The collaboration focuses on delivering out-of-the-box solutions for integrators utilizing Fizyr’s Vision Packs. Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D cameras are recognized for their ability to combine high accuracy and speed, making them particularly suitable for high-throughput applications.

Fizyr’s deep learning vision AI, when paired with Photoneo’s cameras, offers robustness in various industrial settings. This combination facilitates the handling of diverse and challenging scenarios, employing advanced techniques such as segmentation, shape detection, and material detection. The system is designed to continuously adapt and recalibrate, ensuring efficient and precise robotic operation.

Tomas Michalik, Sales Director Sensors at Photoneo, highlighted the technological advancements of the MotionCam-3D Color cameras. These cameras are capable of scanning objects in motion with high resolution and accuracy, and are particularly adept at handling transparent objects. Such capabilities are becoming increasingly relevant in industries like grocery order fulfillment, where the processing of mixed items is common.

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